Three Steps to Declutter Your House

If you are looking for ways to shake off the winter blues at home and prepare your living space to welcome the spring, you might want to start with decluttering your house. However, decluttering the house can be a big endeavor, and keeping control of the clutter can feel like a big challenge.

The following tips will make this project easier.

Step 1: Make A List

You will want to start by making a list of the things that you need to declutter.  Instead of focusing on entire rooms, you might want to walk through a room at one time and make a list of the spots that need to be organized.  For instance, if you go into the kitchen, you could include the contained spaces, such as the shelves and countertops. For the living room, you might want to focus on the nook or bookshelf.

Instead of listing entire rooms, you will want to enlist the specific areas inside the rooms that you might have neglected during the chilly winter months.

Step 2: Plan the Day

If you don’t want to make decluttering your house a project for the entire month, you can set the intention for the respective days, such as the weekend that you will want to spend decluttering your house. You can jumpstart the entire decluttering process by crafting a step-by-step plan, focusing on the areas that might have been left unattended during the coldest winter months.

So, you will want to walk through your house slowly and carefully observe the problematic areas. You can also delight each area to a specific time to ensure to complete everything within a timeframe.  Also, while setting the intention for the day, you will want to plan for trash removal, too.

For instance, if you have loads of junk stored in the garage that needs to go, you might want to opt for metal recycling center oakland ca, that is, if you reside in Oakland, to ensure that the waste of your house is disposed of the right way, as you cannot declutter your house with trash lying around or outside the house. So, the best way to get rid of clutter is through using trash bags, storage bins, and proper recycling.

Step 3: Make Three Piles of Everything

Another pro tip is to sort your things into three piles. The things that you want to keep – sort them in one pile. The second pile is of the things that you need to sell or donate. Subsequently, the third pile is of the discarded things that need to go in the trash bags. You might find repurpose; however, you might want to keep those for another DIY project.

It might be challenging to let go of things, even though you might not need them, especially when they are memories. So, take your time deciding what you want to keep and what goes into the bin. For the memories, you can create a memories box to save the things that hold sentimental value for you.

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